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First things first, let’s get an account created! From the menu bar at the top right hand side, select ‘Sign In’ and click the Register tab. Enter your details and you’re all set! An account is required in order to book with a professional and to leave reviews. It’s completely free to create an account and doesn’t require any payment details. 

Now that you have an account, you can head over to the Home Page and start looking for your perfect professional! Simply enter any keywords, a location and filter into a catagory if you wish to narrow your search results. 

default search is within 20Km of your entered location and can be extended once searched by clicking ‘More Filters’ and dragging the scroll bar to the desired distance you’re willing to travel.

Now that you’ve searched for what you want, you can see all the professionals that meet those criteria, along with their reviews, social information and much more! From within the Listing page, you can select the Book option to request a booking for a time/date to be agreed upon by the professional.

First things first, let’s get an account created! From the menu bar at the top right hand side, select ‘Sign In’ and click the Register tab. Enter your details and you’re ready to go. Now that you’re signed in, you can select the ‘Add Listing’ button at the top right of each page. This will initially take you to the ‘Pricing Table’ page, this shows each plan and what it includes. Simply select the plan that you wish to use and continue through the checkout page. Once you have checked out, you can now select ‘Add Listing’ again to create your Profile! Fill in all of the profile information you have available and customize the page as much as you like. 

Free plans will require re-listing every 30 days. This does not require a new account be created, but your subscription package will have to be manually renewed, and your Listing then re-submitted.

If you have any questions or issues with our website, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

When a user selects their date/time, the Fabfecta will receive a notifcation in their Dashboard with the booking request. They have the option then to review it and accept/decline it. The user can then go into their Dashboard and check ‘Bookings’ to see either ‘Pending’, ‘Accepted’, or ‘Declined’

All bookings are included in our Plans and we do not take payments for them on your behalf, nor do we charge you for any regardless of how many you receive. Your booking payments must be taken yourself however this suits your business.

If you require a deposit before confirming a booking, we suggest that you contact the customer directly to take a deposit and then change your booking to accepted afterwards.

All features available to you on Fabfecta Near Me are completely optional. When you create your listing of your business, you have the option to turn on/off each section. For example, if you already have a booking system and don’t wish to use the one we offer, you can simply set it to ‘Off’ when creating your listing. You have the option to change any of these options at any time, so feel free to disable/enable features as you wish!


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